Next big thing in online casino : Virtual Reality

We are all aware of the growing success of VR. Many VR-based applications are already available on the market. It is predicted that everybody will have at least one VR at home in the near future. Increasing attention also called on the online gaming industry to turn to VR casinos. There are a few, predominantly Australian online casinos, who are considered to be leaders in the change in the gambling environment. VR casinos are supposed to be more lucrative than conventional casinos as they have real life gambling experience and re-enact the gaming experience you would have at a physical casino.

VR casinos encourage players to travel about when playing their favorite casinos and even speak to their opponents or support players. Gaming developers are making every effort to replace the current applications with appealing graphics that are identical to the actual ones. A variety of features, such as listening to other players’ remarks, looking at the emotions of your opponents and the headsets or AR glasses, give players the feel of a real gambling table. Netent, a successful gaming provider, also released their VR demo in the name of Jack’s VR World.

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